Safety Data Sheet

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Is the briteOWL® powered by battery or electricity?

During normal conditions, the ® uses electricity to operate. The unit only operates via battery power when the power goes out. It immediately recharges itself, and gets ready for the next outage once power is restored.

Why does my briteOWL® flicker?

The photocell in briteOWL® turns the nightlight on and off based on the amount of ambient light in the room. Flickering is more common in rooms with a large window that allows natural light into the room, and occurs more often during sunrise or sunset. There are some levels of light that may confuse the unit, but it should only last for a few minutes.

My briteOWL® doesn’t light up during a power failure...

Follow the directions and uninstall the unit. Look in the upper right-hand corner of the outlet cover, and be sure the plastic tab has been removed.

Does briteOWL® work with all decora outlets?

briteOWL should work with most STANDARD decora outlets.   briteOWL will not work with decora plates that are not standard, such as: GFCI, toggle switches, USB, or other decora shaped outlets that perform other functions.

My briteOWL® makes a humming noise. Should I uninstall it?

The “humming” sound is the power inverter component which takes the 110V A/C and converts it to DC voltage for the circuit to operate. The briteOWL® is receiving noise interference from the A/C circuit. The noise could be from another appliance such as a microwave, lamp, television, etc… This line noise is common and not a safety concern for the briteOWL®. To correct, simply relocate the briteOWL to a different outlet that is on a different circuit.

What are the product specs?

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The battery died, now what?

If the battery is completely drained, it will not charge while the DIP switch is in the “on” position. Follow the instructions that came with the unit and remove it from the outlet. Move the DIP switch to the “off” position and reinstall the briteOWL®. Allow the briteOWL® to charge for 30 minutes, and then follow the same procedure as before to move the DIP switch back to the “on” position. You may have to do this when you first receive the outlet cover or after any major power failure that lasts more than 5 hours.

Does briteOWL® have to be installed with the light facing the same direction as the ground plug?

Currently briteOWL® must have the light facing in the same direction as the ground plug on the outlet. Owl Power Solutions will have units that will face the other directions soon.

My briteOWL® doesn’t turn on while and I have electricity...

Unscrew and remove the unit from the outlet (be sure to follow the instructions that came with the unit or click here to download a copy). Examine the DIP switch in the lower, left-hand side of the back of the unit, and make sure it is in the “on” position (to the right).

Does briteOWL® work on GFCI outlets?

Currently briteOWL® will not work with GFCI outlets. We hope to have CFGI units soon.

Are you UL certified.

Yes, we have all required UL and FCC certifications.

How do I change the battery?

The original briteOWL® battery should last 7-10 years so that you do not have to replace it. Any time there is a power failure, and the unit operates off battery power, it will recharge automatically once power is restored.

How long will the LEDs last?

The LEDs should last between 7-10 years.

How long is your warranty?

We will replace your unit free of charge if it fails within 5 years. Click here to view about warranty.

What is the monthly cost to operate one unit?

We estimate that normal operations will cost $0.056 a month per unit.

What happens after 90 minutes in battery mode?

BriteOWL® was designed to provide light during the initial period of a power failure, those moments when you may be doing something that could result in an injury such as taking a shower or cooking in the kitchen. While briteOWL® will not prevent an injury, it may reduce the risk of them. When electricity is lost and briteOWL® turns on, you will be able to safely find a flashlight or lantern to add any additional light you may need. BriteOWL®, in battery mode, will shine at full intensity for 90 minutes, at which point the battery will continue to provide light until it is fully drained. While the battery drains, there will continue to be light, but the lumen level will noticeably fade.

Is this a kid’s toy? You have a picture of a kid playing with the light...

BriteOWL® is not a kid’s toy, it is a nightlight which can make a kid’s room feel safe from “the boogie man”. We put a picture of a young child on the website, because kids love nightlights and the briteOWL® offers a reliable light source in a child’s room that is fire safe and doesn’t hold the risk of burning a child. However, children should never be allowed to play with or around electricity.

This is not a toy. No one, especially children, should ever play with electricity!

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