Home Safety for Power Outages

Preventing You From Being Left In The Dark

Causes of a Power Outage


Lightning Storms

As lightning strikes down, it is often attracted to power lines. If the poles or lines happen to be struck and are taken out by the lightning, it can leave neighborhoods or even entire towns without electricity for hours or days until everything can be repaired.


Snow/Ice Storms

Heavy snow or ice can quickly build-up in the right conditions and cause unnatural amounts of weight to the power lines and poles. This can quickly lead to them falling down and causing many people to lose power without any warning or time to prepare.



When a wildfire is blazing in a residential or populated area of any kind, it poses a risk of causing a power outage. While many times they are able to predict and evacuate the areas that are in danger, you don’t want to be left in the dark while getting the necessities together for evacuation.



Much like wildfires, hurricanes are something that most are given time to prepare for in advance. However, when you are trying to get all your things in order, the last thing you want happening is being left in a pitch black house without electricity.



Flash flooding happens very suddenly, and can cause foundational stability issues to poles — causing electricity lines to fall and power outages to occur. Flooding within your home can also cause electrical issues as wires and outlets become damaged.



Tornadoes can rip the power from a large area in very little time if major power lines lie in its path. These outages could last quite a while as the conditions outside are severe and power lines may be picked up and carried many miles from their origin.


High Wind

High winds, while not common in some places, affect a large number of different areas in the United States. These conditions can quickly cause electrical issues as it blows over or breaks power lines or poles — causing a number of people to be without electricity.


Rolling Blackouts

Most rolling blackouts will occur in larger populated areas where officials decide that the best way to not overload the circuit is to cut the power to certain areas. These rolling blackouts could leave residents without electricity anywhere from a few hours to days or even weeks.


Hail Storms

Hail storms contain a strong force that often wreaks havoc on the affected areas. These harmful ice pellets are often accompanied by high winds and heavy rain — all of which play a part in damaging utility poles and power lines. This can lead to power outages that take hours to resolve.

Back-Up Lights For Power Outages

There are many dangers that lie within a dark home, especially during times of disaster. When one of the events listed above causes a power outage, people are likely already panicked — especially children. This often leads to further accidents and injuries. Contact OWL Power Solutions® today to learn more about home safety for power outages.


When the lights suddenly go out, your home turns into a dangerous obstacle course. Objects from side tables and dressers to couches and chairs can cause people to trip in the dark, which could lead to both minor and major injuries. From a simple bruise to a broken bone, receiving any severity of injury during a power outage is the last thing that anyone needs in these moments.

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Falling is a big danger in a home with multiple levels, especially when the power goes out. As you start your way either up or down the stairs, you could easily misstep and end up falling. More often occurring in seniors and children, falling within the home is one of the biggest causes of severe injury each year, let alone when you are left to maneuver your way through a dark house.

Panic Attacks

Sudden loss of electricity can spark a sense of panic in people of all ages. When a person of this nature is left in the dark, in an already stressful situation, they are more apt to get injured as they rummage around looking for something to comfort them in this time of need. Not to mention the symptoms caused by the panic attack itself and the mental/emotional stress it causes.

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Inability To Find Necessities

Whether you are looking for an alternative source of light, a cell phone, or even a young child, sudden loss of electricity can make it extremely difficult and could cause a number of different incidents to occur. These tragic moments can be easily solved with a reliable back-up light that automatically comes on when the power goes out to help you easily find everything you need.

The Importance of Being Prepared

While the cause of a power outage may be predicted and allows you to have time to prepare, very rarely are you prepared for the loss of electricity itself. With this being the case, it is vital that you think ahead and prepare your home or business for anything that may come.

The American Red Cross offers a detailed list of what an emergency kit should contain for disaster preparedness. Placed right below water and food, you will find a flashlight is the next most important thing. Having the comfort of being able to see your way around and find everything you need with ease is extremely important.

So why should briteOWL® be a part of your disaster preparation? As previously mentioned, loss of electricity during a disaster cannot always be predicted, however, you will be given peace of mind when you know that the briteOWL® will turn on automatically when the electricity goes out. This provides you the comfort of a light immediately and allows you to easily find your disaster preparation kit and all the necessities within it.

OWL Power Solutions’ Mission Of Home Safety for Power Outages

Our team at OWL Power Solutions® is here to provide you with high-quality products to help make your life easier and safer. Our briteOWL® products have been uniquely designed to create a safer back-up light and night light. The built-in LED light offers a more fire safe lighting option compared to alternative back-up lights or nightlights that have exposed, old-fashioned bulbs. While back-up lights and nightlights should never be used as toys, the LED lighting design also helps prevent children from getting burned on the light if they happen to touch it.

Electrical Safety Foundation International reported in 2016 that “each year, 2,400 children in the U.S. are treated for injuries caused by electrical outlets.” The plugless design of the briteOWL® prevents electrical accidents that are commonly caused by playing with a plugged nightlight. It also keeps outlets safe as it allows for proper outlet protection to be used, without interfering with the convenience of the back-up light and nightlight features of the briteOWL®. Contact OWL Power Solutions® today with any questions or comments about our mission or lighting design!

Choosing briteOWL® For Your Home Or Business

Equipping both your home and your business with briteOWL® allows you to provide safety to your loved ones, pets, employees, and customers in times of power outages and disaster. Ensure that you are doing everything you can to prevent the dangers of the dark to harm the ones that you care about most. Place your order of the briteOWL® today to guarantee that you are prepared before a power outage affects your home or business.