Lighting Your Home When Electricity Goes Out

candles and flashlights

When your home loses power, it can cause a sense of panic and anxiety. Electricity is something we have become accustomed to over the years, so of course the thought of losing it makes people a bit frantic. Normally, the biggest concern when losing electricity is the lights throughout your home and the ability to see your way safely around your home. 

How do you prepare for these moments so that you can ensure you and your loved ones safety? Equip your home with lights that run efficiently without the need for electricity. Throughout the years there have been a variety of go-to products that offer this amenity. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the different lighting options when your home loses power. Contact OWL Power Solutions today to learn more! 

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Using candles to light a house during a power outage is extremely common. Most people have some sort of candle lying around their home, making it a fast and easy solution when it comes to seeing your way through the darkness. 

Depending on the size of the candle, it will provide you with light for anywhere from 7 to 40 or more hours. The downside is that it may have been months or even years since you last used these candles, which could put you at risk of injury trying to find them once the power goes out.  


Battery-powered flashlights are another big source of light when there is no electricity. However, much like candles, you may not always know where your high-powered flashlight is when the power suddenly goes out in your home, leaving you blind until you are able to feel one out in the dark.

On average, a flashlight battery will last for two to 50 hours depending on the brightness and size of the flashlight. Both candles and flashlights can offer a highly sufficient amount of light, especially if you have multiple units, but there is still the issue of finding the items in the dark. Luckily, OWL Power solutions provides you with that peace of mind that comes with always being prepared.


The briteOWL® is an LED outlet cover that offers your home a reliable and convenient source of back-up lighting that runs off a battery. The built-in LED light offers 50 lumens of light for more than 90 minutes without electricity. The briteOWL® has sensors that trigger it to turn on whenever the power goes out, providing your home with an immediate source of light to help guide you to essential items throughout your home.

The briteOWL® is an emergency preparation item that is always there when you need it. With its unique design, this light-up wall plate looks just like your average outlet cover, allowing you to use both of the outlets for regular use. BriteOWL® is as easy to install as a regular wall plate and requires very little maintenance. The battery automatically recharges using the outlet’s electricity once the power comes back on, providing you peace of mind that you’re always prepared for unexpected power outages. Order your briteOWL® online today from OWL Power Solutions!